The beginning of my venture into the skincare business stemmed from a persistent exploration of products at both high-end and drugstore levels. Despite these efforts, I consistently failed to find precisely what I needed due to specific elements in the products causing gradual dissatisfaction. Another element that added to my frustration was the cost. I never found myself in a position where I felt at ease spending significant amounts of money on skincare. Unlike my mother, who invested substantial amounts of money (that she couldn’t really afford)in skincare products whilst believing in their efficacy, my approach differed significantly. I simply desired a hydrating product with a smooth, non-greasy texture that lasted throughout the day. It needed to be easy to apply from convenient, portable containers, and offer a fragrance I enjoyed or the option for no fragrance at all. Most importantly, it had to be affordable so that I wouldn’t have to skip buying groceries for the week to afford it. Ironically, my mother’s skin was still, for the most part youthful, which I attributed to her Japanese heritage and her younger age that she unfortunately did not survive past. 

The decision to establish my own skincare line resulted from a series of compelling events later in life, (a narrative I may elaborate on at another time). This undertaking did not occur without a substantial existential evaluation mind you – questioning the broader impact of introducing yet another skincare business to the already millions currently established in the world and the personal justification for doing so.

While my aspirations did not include pursuing significant commercial success, I reflected upon what held importance for me. The desire to assist like-minded individuals, a demographic I believe to be sizable, led me to create skincare products featuring organic botanical ingredients, affordability, sustainable packaging (refillable, recyclable, reusable), and customizable fragrances. The product line also encompasses a sunscreen formulated with non-nano zinc oxide, prioritizing environmental safety.

The rationale behind these choices was rooted in a commitment to reduce waste, limit the use of undesirable chemical preservatives, avoid contributing to coral reef degradation, and underscore the significance of daily sun protection as a fundamental skincare objective. If you resonate with these principles, it’s likely that you share similar perspectives and may certainly appreciate and enjoy these products . I’m eager to explore further the essential oils I’ve chosen for the products and share what I’ve learned along the way.

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